Designing Products, Not Just Boards - The shift to product-centric design

design productsThis white paper explores the benefits of product-centric design and how it differs from current-generation PCB-centric processes and tools.


  • Building more competitive products
  • Extended product life cycle – the mobile phone
  • The PCB-centric product development process
  • The shift to product-centric design
    • The arrival of the SOC changed board-based design
    • Changing the human interface – touch sensing and display technology
    • Connectivity – the Internet of Things
    • Materials and fabrication technology
  • Designing products with product-centric design
    • Product-based virtual prototyping
    • Block-based design and reuse management
    • 2D/3D multi-board planning and design
    • The convergence of ECAD and MCAD
    • Chip-package-board co-design
    • IP Management

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