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How to add my company logo to PCB in Cadstar



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    Patrick Duran

    Hi Jeff,

    You will need a DXF file of the logo.  Once the DXF file is available, you would create a new documentation symbol, and import the DXF file.  Depending on how the image was created, this may take several imports to bring all of the data (text, lines, outlines).  You will need to create a mapping file that defines which layers are used for which objects, but if items are on multiple layers, than you would need multiple imports, adjusting the mapping file with each iteration.

    Here is a link to one our training videos showing the import of board outlines.  The process is essentially the same.  In your mapping file you would need to define the DXF layer where the information is located, and the CADSTAR layers you want to use to define text, outlines, etc.  When importing images, the object does not need to be closed, which is a requirement for board outlines.

    Once the image is saved as a documentation symbol, you can add it to the PCB, and assign the symbol to the appropriate layer.

    Best regards,

    Pat Duran


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    Patrick Duran


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