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Harness Builder 2020 Update



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    Laura M

    Hi Noah, 

    Installation instructions have not been added to our ZGS website (https://support.zuken.com/global/) for Harness Builder 2020. There are downloadable installation instructions for Harness Builder 2018 on ZGS. The installation steps are similar, and this could be used as a reference. 

    Below are some basic steps to update to Harness Builder 2020:

    • Verify that your license is updated to include the latest Harness Builder license version 20.00. 


    • Uninstall the previous version of Harness Builder from the machine.

                       a.  To uninstall Harness Builder for E3.Series select uninstall from the Windows -> Control Panel ->                                Add/Remove Programs.

    • Download either the 32-bit or 64-bit Harness Builder 2020 installation file matching with your E3.series installed. The downloads are available on ZGS (https://support.zuken.com/global/).

                       a.  64-bit version of Harness Builder requires a 64-bit version of E3.series and Microsoft 64-bit Office                            version.

    • Open the context menu with a right mouse click on the downloaded HarnessBuilderSetup2020_20.00_XX-bit.exe file.

                       a.  Select “Run as administrator” and follow the setup process.


    A new Harness Manufacturing Library is also available under the downloads on ZGS. 


    If you need any additional assistance, please reach out to us by creating a ZGS hotline call.


    Kind regards,

    Laura Mirto

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    Noah Henderson

    Thank you for the help.

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