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Multi sheet formboard prints



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    Laura M

    Hi Brian, 

    The E3.series standard databases that come with the install and the Harness Builder Manufacturing database have larger sheets to use as formboard drawings. Some examples are the FB-2500x1250, FB-3500x1500, and the XXL-Board. You can also create larger sheet symbols in the Database Editor. When creating the new sheet symbol you may need to change the sheet format found in Sheet Properties to a larger size to fit your graphics. 

    Also with formboard, there is a feature to create Shared Sheets. This allows you to create smaller sheets as a view from the large base sheet to easily view sections of the base formboard sheet. More information about Share Sheets can be found in the E3.series Help documentation. 


    Kind regards,

    Laura Mirto

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    Paul Bloom

    E3 2019 also has a "Define Print Area" feature which allows you to break up those larger sheets Laura mentioned into smaller ones for 1:1 printing.

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