How to hide/omit view number?

I'm a new user that's been tasked with converting a lot of older cable drawings to Zuken E3. Most of our drawings have pinouts on the left side and a dimensioned view on the right.


I completed the pinout and then added a new view from the device tree for the physical dimensions. Is there a way to remove view number from the connector designation? Instead CABLE-P1#1, I'd just like it to say CABLE-P1 so it matches the pinout.





  • Hi Stephen, 

    You can turn off the display of the view number in the Settings. 

    Main Menu -> Tools -> Settings 

    General -> Display -> Symbol Options

    Uncheck the box for "Number of view as an extension to the device's device designation" as seen below.


    Kind regards,

    Laura Mirto

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  • Thank you so much! I knew it had to be something simple buried in the settings.

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