Pan by holding middle mouse click

On all schematic/design software I use (Solidworks, Draftsight, AutoCAD, etc), pan/zoom has worked like this:

Scroll: zoom in/out

Middle mouse click & drag: pan


On E3 series, the controls are not at all what I'm used to:

Scroll: pan up/down

Shift+scroll: pan left/right

Ctrl+scroll: zoom in/out


Is there a way to change these default zoom/pan controls to what I'm used to on other software?



  • You can customize keyboard commands but not mouse commands.

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  • Why not?

    That is REALLY unfortunate. I am trying to accomplish the same exact thing regarding pan and zoom with mouse. 15yrs / 3-4 different programs all set to the same configuration Greg explained..... And i still use the other programs. I wonder how long this is going to take to get used to?

    It would sure be nice be able to configure this.

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  • It does not take very long - imo

    I assume it hasn't been a critical request from many people to get it on the development list.

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