1 Piece Wire Seal

Is E3 able to handle a single piece wire seal, and additional Interface Seal?

We use AMP/TE Universal Mate N Lock connectors, and when sealing them, it has a one piece wire entry seal and an additional one piece interface seal that goes between the mating faces of the female and male connectors.

I know there is the Additional Part field, and I have it kind of set up, but that means I cannot pull additional data from that field to display sub information, e.g, vendor, MfgPN, like I would be able to for a pin or individual wire seal.  I assume with scripting I could find and display the data, but we want to avoid additional scripting where possible.

I need to be able to modify my call outs to show our internal part number for internal building, and to change to manufacturer and manufacturer part number when the harnessing is outsourced to an external vendor.






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