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First: sorry my poor english..

I'd like to use harness builder 2019 standalone mode to draw quick harness design without schematic drawing.

I made 2 new connector (1 connector and his active mating pair), i placed this new connector to the formboard and when i want to connect to other connector i read a red error message: " No active mating connector to connect"

What is wrong?



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  • What you're describing sounds like you are drawing the connection line to the front face of the connector where it would mate to another connector. If you do not have the "Active mating connector" set to suitable mate, then I would expect to see the error message you received.

    Typically on formboard drawings, the connection lines start and stop at the back of the connector. In otherwords, you will not see that error message when drawing the connection line when lines are drawn to the back of the connector.

    I would recommend reviewing other connectors to see how they are implemented. If you have the Harness Builder plugin and the Harness Builder library, there is a drawing called "Completed Stick Figure" that is located inside the \Data folder where the plugin is installed. If you right-click on a connector, you can select Jump To> Jump to Component Tree and then open it in the database editor.

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