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  • Hello Pauline,

    Sorry for us to late reply on this one.

    For CR-5000 Board Designer, I reply to below post, so please reference on that page.


    For CR-8000 Design Force, we can do this by following steps.

    Using [Delete Net] command under [Track] tab.

    If a via is still connected with component pins, we do get below message.  In this case first we do need to delete all the figures(line/area) that connected to this via.

    Using [Delete] command under [Home] tab.

    You may want to turn ON [Select Segments/Vertices] on Status bar.  This way only the selected segment of line get deleted.

    Then using [Generate Net] command, first select figure(pin/line/area) with net name.

    Then select a via.

    Now a via gets new net name.

    This way we can change the net on a via in CR-8000 Design Force.

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