Splice table in E3.Cable

We don't currently have form board or harness builder, so I don't have the splice tables available that those license's include.


How can I create a similar table in E3 Cable license?

I would love to have the table split up the conductors and display them on multiple lines, but database won't allow more than one "Conductor in connection" attribute in the symbol, and it will simply display all conductors in the splice in the one field.

Multiple "Connection Target Format 1" attributes are allowed that allow splitting the data up onto multiple lines.  Having a "from" target attribute would be nice to go along with the destination attribute, but maybe not critical.

Example of what I am kind of trying to do with a simplified format:



  • You could probably write a script to create the table.

    Beyond that, you could brute force it; you could draw the basic graphics of the table each time (or create a Normal symbol) then create an attribute text template to place on the connection lines that touch the splice.  Then, simply drag the text into the appropriate cell of the table.  

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  • I've settled on the image below for now, not ideal, but helps get the point across.  We are working on a business case for form board / harness builder, but not sure when it may get approved.

    Is it possible to create a splice spider symbol in cable?

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  • To get wire lengths for splices you will need formboard, which is great tool - buy it asap.


    To get splice representations you can buy add-on (which will also do spider splices drawings)


    Tables will need scripting.


    Sadly E3 Series creators made it as purely design software, leaving manufacturing processes outside in the cold. However I have found some ways of getting around it.

    It is great software but not perfect :)

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