Wire naming inline


I'm trying to have wire naming in this order: W1 - 1.5mmsq Red/Black but cannot find a way to have unique wire numbers together with wire size and color.

I have tried assigning wire names automatically option with Counter 1 attribute, but as soon as you start using more than one wire type the counter resets which is not useful.

Anyone have a solution?





  • Are you looking for that format to display on the screen or do you need the wire number to be the format you mentioned for other reasons?


  • Running a script to rename your wires at the end is how I would probably do it.

  • I believe MIL spec requirement is to have wire description in line but not 100% sure. I have stopped wasting time on this and using description just above the wires instead.


    If anyone comes up with a solution would be great though. I can place the description in line but the connection line gets in the way and makes it hard to read.


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