Incorporate a README file into Design Force graphically

This is in response to Jeff Perry post on "Incorporate a README file into Design Force graphically" datedMarch 30, 2019 ...on.

I have tried this under user commanding settings with script mentioned under CLUI type.
But it is not working i.e. no notepad file getting envoking while opened the design
I have tried with following two type syntaxs.

First I tried with the syntax u mentioned above..

(system command:"start notepad ${dsgnPath}}_Notes.txt")

Then I tried with another syntax with slight modification above i. e
(system command:"start notepad ${dsgnPath}_Notes.txt")

Both cases it is not working.
What could be the problem?

How can we confirm entered syntax is correct or not?

Nageswara Rao


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  • Hello Nageswara,

    would it be possible for us to have a GoToMeeting so I can see your screen? I just need your email address and a good time for you.



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  • Did you add the CLUI to the quick access bar so you can execute it?

    Right Mouse Button on the quick access bar:

    Add your CLUI to the access bar and then you can execute it.

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  • Hi jeff ...
    After have gone throuh you mail this morning,
    Checked my DF quick access tool bar settings found that CLUI is not added to the access bar in design Force.
    Now Added CLUI to the access bar then excuted now its working. there is a provision for adding icon to user command also.
    its SUPERB.
    When I read ur first post(march 30,2019) recently, ....with high curosity I thougt that
    " when Design file is opened just after flashing the 'Design ' on screen 'readme'(notepad)file will also appear on screen in the foreground of the 'Design' and until unless we close 'or' minimize this 'notepad' file we can't proceed in to the 'Design' " .

    After implementing the command understood that it is not so.
    Below is just my openion as a lover of ZUKEN tool.
    "This fature will be very effective and usefull if it could have been as what I thouht initially".

    Nageswara Rao

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