COMPATABILITY CHECK CR8000 design gateway and design force

Thanks for yours time to explain.
Your assumption to my question is correct since my question is not clear.
But....what I mean Compatibility is synchronization ( matching) of Circuit that drawn in Design Gateway and Board desig that designed in Design Force.
After finishing my PCB design using DF, before generating Photo Data from DF, I want to ensure 100% that CIRCUIT entry in Design gateway and Corresponding PCB design in DF are 1:1.

U can assume that Design gateway and DF are same version of 2018 release.

My question it possible to generate something like a report that should ensure to us that circuit entry and board design are 1:1 ?.

Hoping that now my question is clear.



  • Hello Nageswara, 

    In Version 2018 Zuken added functionality for this.

    The tool can be located in the CR-8000 Engineering Desktop, either in the Design Gateway or Design Force areas and it is named the "Design Synchronization Tool". Please the the picture below for an example of where to locate it, using the Design Force area.

    If you select the "?" in upper right hand corner of the Design Synchronization Tool, you will see the Tool Help for the product and its capabilities.

    Best Regards,



  • Thanks a lot. Will check it tomorrow

  • Thanks a lot. Will check it tomorrow

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