Set the SheetReference

I have to change in a very big project the SheetReference from Automatic Point-to-Point to point-to-point connection. With this Script I changed the symbol, but now I have to change the reference type. Does e3 have for this problem a function?

set e3 = CreateObject( "CT.Application" )
set Job = e3.CreateJobObject
Set Dev = Job.CreateDeviceObject
Set Sym = Job.CreateSymbolObject


if Job.GetId = 0 then wscript.quit
symnam = InputBox("Symbol name Suche", wscript.ScriptName)
symnamOut = InputBox("Symbol name Output", wscript.ScriptName)

symcnt = Job.GetSymbolIds(symbols, symnam, "-1", "-1")

for i = 1 to symcnt
Sym.SetId symbols(i)
sym.SetType symnamOut, 1
e3.PutMessage sym.GetType, symbols(i)



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  • There is a "GetSheetReferenceInfo"; I would be surprised if there wans;t a Set. although I don't see one.

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