SetAttributeValue with special characters

Hi everybody!

I'm using the method SetAttributeValue to write a string with characters like "ü" (ex. Müller)

I don't get any error but E3 displays a wrong text, something like (M <1/4 char> ller) - The attribute is linked to a symbol displayed in the sheet template.

What is the problem? Any suggestion?

(obviously, the script is saved in UTF-8 format and I saw the string correctly)

Thanks a lot





  • Hmmm...your script wrote the parentheses so I don't think it is a special character issue.  My guess would be a language issue.

    1. Make certain you can manually type the character into the E3 project.

    2. Make sure the correct language database is loaded and that it contains the character.


  • Hi Paul,

    thanks for your answer.

    Yes it is possible to manually type the character into the project and the language database contains it.

    The script is executed as an add-on created via the user interface and linked to a button on the toolbar. Maybe a problem with the loading of the .vbs file? Maybe it is not loaded in UTF-8 format and the charachter is wrongly "translated"...

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