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Iinstall a library


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  • Patrick Duran
    Patrick Duran

    CADSTAR will allow you to have multiple libraries, or you can merge the footprint and symbol libraries into yours and add the Parts Library to your existing parts libraries.

    Save your new libraries into a folder.  These can be stored with your existing libraries or put into a separate folder.

    To add separate sym and footprint libriaries:

    1) Open the Library Editor, and go to Files > Options,  Click on the Library Paths tab, and click "Add".  This will open the Add Library Path dialog.  You can add a library name (optional), and the browse to your new libraries.  Click OK

    2) In the bottom section of the Options > Library Paths dialog, there are listings for Library Type and Library File.  Click the PCB Select radio button.  This opens the Select Library dialog and you will see a listing of available PCB component Libraries.  Select the WE Component Library and click OK.  You may see a dialog about versions, depending on which CADSTAR version you are using.  Just follow the prompts to bring the new library into your correct CADSTAR version.

    3) Repeat this for the Schematic Symbol Library.  You can disable the Documentation Symbol Library for the WE parts.  Click OK to close the dialog.

    This will allow the PCB Components and symbols to be read.  

    Now you will need to add the WE Parts library.  In the Library Manager, go to the Library tab, and click Parts.  This will open the Parts Library Manager dialog.  From here, click Libraries to open the Parts Libraries dialog.  Now click the Add Library. and scroll to the WE Parts Library.  Select it and click OK.  You may see a Part Index Out Of Date dialog.  Click Yes to rebuild the index.

    To merge the WE sym/cmp into your existing libraries.

    If you would like to keep the symbols and footprints in one library, rather than having separate libraries for the WE parts, you can add these into your existing sym/cmp libraries by importing the archived WE sym/cmp libraires into your existing libraries.

    Follow steps 1, 2 and 3.  Open the WE component library and select All.  Make sure the Show subfolder contents option is selected.  Click Archive to generate a CPA file with all of the components.  You can now open your standard footprint library, and click the Add FIle option.  You can then browse to the newly generated CPA file and add it into your existing footprint library.  You may need to create a mapping file for the layer names if there is a mismatch between your library layer names and the WE component library layer names.



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