How to output list of Part/Package/Footprint

How we can output Part/Package/Footprint link(configuration) in the list file?
We can output the list using batch program "confobj.exe" (for CR-5000) or "CEconfobj.exe" (for CR-8000).
1. First we need to output list of Part Name in the csv file from [Edit Attributes On Table] dialog, [File] > [Export].
2. After you output in csv file, open csv file using text editor and it should be looks like this.
   "Part Name"
3. Delete first 3 lines which not need to create the list.
4. Open the Command Prompt window. 
   (For CR-8000, need to open the it from CR-8000 Engineering Desktop)
5. Type in like below.
   (in step 1, csv file assume it output in the same folder with CDB library files.)
   (not specify the which CDB library files, program will read in the library.rsc file setting.)
   (in this output format is in csv format.)
   (for CR-5000)
   confobj.exe -p:top Part -p:bottom Footprint -r Part.csv -p:part 1 -o Part_Pacakge_Footprint_List.csv -m csv -m overwrite
   (for CR-8000)
   CEconfobj.exe -p:top Part -p:bottom Footprint -r Part.csv -p:part 1 -o Part_Pacakge_Footprint_List.csv -m csv -m overwrite
6. Output result Part_Pacakge_Footprint_List.csv looks like this in Excel.
7. If you take out "-m csv" then result be like this.
   (CEconfobj.exe -p:top Part -p:bottom Footprint -r Part.csv -p:part 1 -o Part_Pacakge_Footprint_List.txt -m overwrite)
    "The results of CEconfobj.exe"
   User              : user_name
   Date              : Thu Mar 29 14:57:20 2018
   Part library      : C:\xxx.prt
   Package library   : C:\xxx.pkg
   Footprint library : C:xxx.ftp
   Part                Package              FootprintSpec Footprint            Footprint
   04FM-1.0BT          CN-IMD4-6.0*4.4      default       CN-IMD4-6.0*4.4      CN-IMD4-6.0*4.4
   04FM-1.0BT-2        CN-IMD4-6.0*4.4      default       CN-IMD4-6.0*4.4      CN-IMD4-6.0*4.4
   04FM-1.0ST          CN-IMD4-7.6*6.0      default       CN-IMD4-7.6*6.0      CN-IMD4-7.6*6.0



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