Create a simple rectangular panel enclosure using Scripting

Hi all,

I am trying to create a simple rectangular enclosure  MODEL in my panel sheet using scripts, Example,The user enters the length and width for a panel enclosure in Excel sheet, A rectangular box (2D) output should be created on E3 sheet of my specified dimensions on E3, It seems impossible when I checked in E3 out of my knowledge, Is there any other method that I can achieve this (In simple words, Can I control the E3 MODEL dimension sizes using scripting)?



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  • HI Vikranth,

    The Model dimensions in the database are not available in Database Editor Mode. The available options with scripting in the dbe environment are listed in the help files under scripting.interface > COM Interface > Classes >DbeApplicationInterface.

    The creation of a model will ideally be involving more than just a 2D graphic. It is always best to specify the slot or are in which Items can be mounted and any keep out or restrictions so this intelligence can be used by the users while using the enclosure in the projects.

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