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I am using the E3 schematic and I have installed the Allen Bradley database, but I have not found a symbol for an ethernet module.I feel like I have seen one before but I can't seem to recall where it is, if someone would be so kind as to point me in the correct direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



  • Hi Brian,

    That's an old database the allen bradley one. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been updated in awhile.

    How tough is the symbol to draw out and make a new one? It would probably be quicker to build a new one.

    If you post a picture of what exactly you're looking for i can see if i have something.


    Jon D

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  • Jon,

    Good morning! Thanks for the reply, all I'm really after is something that would resemble a 4 or 5 port ethernet hub. I'm still very new with E3 and just looking around the existing databases for symbols I will need when creating my schematics. I have not delved into the how-to's of actually making my own symbols, not even sure where to begin. If I get time today, I may research how to create my own symbols. Thanks!!

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