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I am looking to use scripting to inserting text of a certain pin's local signal name. I can do this manually by doing Insert-->Attribute Text. I was wondering the process in automating this. Any thoughts? Thanks!



  • Just for clarity,...

    Where do you want to insert the text?

    Is your thoughts to read a pins signal name and place as text somewhere?

    Hope to help, just want to make sure I understand what you are asking.

  • No need to script.  Add the attribute text to the pin symbol. 

  • I just want to place the text on a sheet (its ok to move it around). The issue coming up is we already have a signal name being placed, however there are some circumstances where I want to place a different signal name next to it (or another attribute specific to that pin). So the idea would be to auto generate so that others can easily do this rather then manually doing this every time.

  • I assume you have an attribute for this "different" signal name.  Simply create this as a new text type and add it to your pin symbol.


    You can create a script to create this "different" signal name (or other attribute) per your requirements but the attribute text will already be on the symbol. 

  • I agree with Paul! 

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