How to do OR search in Component Panel menu.

While looking for specific Parts in CR-8000 Design Gateway, how can we do "OR" search in Component Panel?
For Instance: I'd like to search for Resistors having 4k Ohm and the Packages 0805 or 0603. Is that possible?
Answer to this question is using "||".
So in Component Panel, it will be "0805||0603".
And we do have other search option as well.
Mark : Search condition
!  : NOT (You need to add this mark before a character.)
&& : AND (You need to put this between characters.)
||  : OR (You need to put this between characters.)
! is prior to &&
&& is prior to ||
!1k --> items that are not 1k
A||B --> items that meet the condition (A or B)
!A&&!B&&!C --> items that are not A , B , C
100<1000&&!300<400 --> From 100 to 1000 (except 300-400)
Please don't put a space before/after these marks.



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