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  • Vehicles have many modules & devices with integrated connectors. How do we create the header that will allow it to be connected to & limited to the correct mating connector? 
    1. Also, if we are not concerned about limiting the header to the correct mating connector, what is the best way to create the component so that the mating connector will “connect” to the component. Or will the mating connector “connect”, even if it is wrong connector?  For example: in the training we connected DT06-08SA to DT04-08PA.  Are these truly mating connectors?  What will happen if I try to use a connector that does not mate with DT04-08PA?


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  • The application allows you to define the default mating connector. This happens in the database when editing to the component properties of the connector. Look on the "Pins"  TAB.


    It is possible to connect to a connector that is not the correct mating connector. There will be a warning/confirmation that you want to do this, but it will let you do this. If this is not desirable in your design flow, I would suggest you build a Design rule check and put that in your "Verify" menu.

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