Connect Your Component Library to the Supply Chain and Avoid a Manufacturing Crisis

Component Library/Supply Chain WebinarThe procurement group, design engineering, and component engineering all have varying opinions and needs regarding the information contained in their corporate Electronic\Electrical component library. In most companies this has led to the proliferation of multiple databases, each serving the specific data requirements of the group that maintains it. This situation has led to component research becoming an arduous task for design engineers. The bottom line is that design engineers must have the ability to make intelligent component selections without having to leave their design environment. In today’s world, end of life status, lead time, part preference and trusted/consistent parametric data have become as important to a company’s design process as standard CAD content.

This webinar will discuss how a component data management system together with a trusted content provider, such as SiliconExpert, provides the backbone for making your design environment an accurate and robust source for engineering component selection.

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