Why is Electrical/Mechanical Collaboration Not Giving You Results?

ECAD/MCAD Collaboration WebinarElectrical and mechanical collaboration has been discussed and desired for many years without a clear solution. The best workflow and process is still elusive to many design teams. The advantage of working with multiple teams using various domain tools has given our experts a unique perspective on the solution with the best probability of success.

The typical first step has been to use a common platform for electrical and mechanical design. This approach has proven to be a futile gamble in most cases. The gains from the collaboration are almost always wiped out by use of un-optimized tools for the electrical design.

The best approach we have found working with various partners is to ensure the use of best in class tools immaterial of discipline, while ensuring the tools have cross-platform collaboration capabilities. Intelligent and purpose built electrical design tools like Zuken E3.series help you maximize the design quality and collaborate with most mechanical design systems.

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