Protect Your ECAD Library and PCB Design Intellectual Property

ip protectionIntellectual property (IP) theft is an ever-present danger to companies who subcontract manufacturing to electronic manufacturing services (EMS) providers. Have you had your IP stolen or compromised? The increase of IP theft has been facilitated by the common practice of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) providing EMSs with complete and detailed design information in electronic format. 

Some companies address this issue by manually filtering, partitioning and deleting information to protect their IP, which can take enormous amounts of time. A new generation of electronic computer aided design (ECAD) software helps guard IP by enabling users to control what type of information is shared with various members of the extended enterprise. By automatically enforcing best practices in IP control, companies can be confident that each supplier only has the information they absolutely need to do their job. 

This webinar will demonstrate how next generation ECAD software is being used to address the IP theft challenge with permission controls that enable users to define with a high level of granularity the design information that will be included and excluded from the published data set. Permission controls and reusable templates make this process quick and straightforward, allowing for secure and controlled data exchanges during the design process.   

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