Product Based Virtual Prototyping Just Got Easy

screenshotSuccessful products compete on multiple fronts – cost, functionality, appearance, weight, size, etc.  Product level virtual prototyping has been inefficient and difficult until now.  The most efficient time to make product trade-offs (e.g. 2 PCBs versus 3 PCBs or how small can we go?) is during the planning phase or pre-detailed design phase.  Product based virtual prototyping allows for multi-domain design exploration and product requirement validation before entering the detailed design phase.  A problem found in the detailed design phase is typically a costly one.

This webinar will demonstrate a virtual prototyping solution that validates a set of product requirements against a proposed detailed design.  Explore trade-offs and validate product targets across multiple domains that include cost, weight, functionality, PCB content and enclosure fit before committing to a detailed design.  Seamlessly transfer your virtual prototype to the detailed design process without data loss to preserve your design intent.

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