Hardware Architecture Design and Validation

screenshotSystems engineering is a complex field dealing with multiple disciplines communicating and working together as one. This is further complicated by the general lack of a single system for generating product concepts that combines essential elements such as cost, weight and logical interconnects. Instead a typical process today relies upon the engineer to manually build the picture using data from the likes of Excel, Visio and Powerpoint.

This webinar is Part 1 of a 3 part series covering the systems engineering process of converting product or system requirements into a viable and robust hardware architecture and then moving that architecture directly into detailed design without any manual re-entry.

Part 1 of this webinar series looks at the challenges systems architects face turning product or system requirements into a viable architecture using disparate design software such as Visio to create functional block diagrams and AutoCAD for 2D space planning which generates conceptual data that has limited connectivity to the rest of the design process. After considering current methods, the webinar will introduce how to develop and optimize a hardware architecture in a single system. It will illustrate how you can investigate multiple architecture approaches and select the optimal one to progress into detailed design. All the while balancing time, cost, reliability and quality factors. The second webinar will focus on optimization of the architecture design.

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