Keeping up with Tomorrow's Power Demands

Keeping up with Tomorrow's Electricity DemandsOne major step is to create a smart and dependable infrastructure. Designing that infrastructure with accuracy and speed is an essential element of the strategic outlook. A design in the generation and distribution space requires careful attention to detail in every aspect from concept all the way through to documentation.

What you'll learn:

We will discuss the main strategies to accelerate your design and manufacturing process:

  • How to create large designs with multiple teams efficiently
  • How to re-use information effectively at every stage
    • How to create panel drawings i.e., connection wiring diagrams, automatically
  • How to create cable/terminal drawings automatically
    • How to speed up loop drawings
  • How to speed up design and build with the help of intelligent reporting
  • How to track changes across versions in minute detail to enhance safety compliance
  • How to implement a common library from concept to physical design

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